Si nos dejan...

Si nos dejan, is a collection resulting from research developed at the health industry and the user for the aesthetic improvement of footwear for diabetics in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara.

From an inclusive design developed by the E.Salim brand, value was generated not only to the final product but also to the industry by research and a practical execution process.

We used conventional lasts and soles, so this, we preserved a cost balance, but add value by modifying the design and materials selection. 

On the other hand as a technological value added, PI laboratories, collaborated with us to create a color transition from heat as a preventive method for the user who has gradually lost the sensitivity in their feet. As medical addition, we programmed the pigment to change color when heat reaches 32ºC.


Si nos dejan, was inspired by the boleros, especially the most famous song by the singer José Alfredo Jimenez. Loaded with nostalgia and love.

We wanted  to remind the user part of his youth through pieces of footwear achieved with all the medical requirements and specifications for diabetic foot care.

We all deserve a trend and use footwear to our liking, it also functions as an alternative to what has already been established in the market, offering not only a new coating to the commercial form, but an alternative to the user for an upgraded shoe.

Photo by: E.Salim
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