La Sorciére is the first collection of the Recycled Hybrids project that serves as the main philosophy of the designer.

With the thought that the value of the garment goes beyond aesthetics, the added value of the series consists in the way of reuse materials considered as waste or spare that are cut under strategic patterns and combined with all kinds of fabrics to create clothing between ready-to-wear and  taylor made, with a lower cost but with social responsibility.


It was held in New York in 2015 with J. Mendel as a sponsor for the reuse of waste as the main challenge of creating a simple and reproducible collection on a smaller scale but marketable, exploring new markets with an average purchasing power, eco awareness and design taste.

As a main target, we only use fur and leather from ateliers that signed in the FUR LABELLING ACT, that assures that comes from cruelty free farms and are actively monitored to guarantee the quality of them.

Even though we work with waste and disposal, the consume and design is monitored too, this let us only to create a certain amount of garments per year. We want to contribute with a wise disposal by decreasing the amount of garbage of fur and leather that contaminates because of the chemicals of dye and tanning.

Also we show our respect to those animals that died in vanity purposes, that´s why we add a gold human skull to comemorate it´s death in human hands.

Photo by: Luis Linares
Styling: Esalim
MUA: Isabel Ontiveros
Hair: Ulises Orizaga
Model: Belén Castellanos
All rights reserved E. Salim copyright.