Photo by: Allie RM, Karim Soto

The model participated in the MODARTE contest of the "Cámara de calzado de Jalisco" in which got finalist of the "Tradición Mestiza contest" edition in 2015.

The piece was made in the sponsor company Calzado Felipe Rivera, where the industrial design process was linked together with the traditional manufacture to evolve to a more artistic piece with the same level and materials of the national commercial footwear.

The level of detail of the piece, not only entailed swarovski embroired, but the modification of the heel in manual thermoforming, cutting and pressure assembly.

The main piece of the collection is called Les veines, a shoe that evokes the similarity of body deformation in an elegant and subtle way with figures such as veins in swarovski, soft colors and plastic textures that incite the viewer to seek a meaning to from their experiences.

It is necessary to remember the human fragility from our own architecture, to feel the blood in our veins again.

The collection was elaborated in a period of  3 months with the advice of Fernanda Samayoa where an aesthetic syntax was sought from the introspection of the designer. In other words, the collection is the laden reflection of the designer's DNA that seeks a dispersion from other collections and universes with the same philosophy and aesthetics.

This universe seeks to blend an ambivalent aesthetic.

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