Insolente is a collection inspired by the inner demons that control our ego in a constant fluctuation of the error, the pride, the anger and the rebellion before the mistaken idea of ​​the beauty. It is ode to the immortalisation of the philosophy of the white demon, that is to say the dark but brilliant being that inhabits our interior and that damages and corrupts us to extract the most human from our interior. This collection takes up 2 autumn trends and two spring trends, to be more timeless in the year 2017 due to the neutrality of the color palette and concept. The digression in monochromatic and metallic colors, misaligned but symmetrical geometry seeks not only to generate a discomfort to the viewer but also to generate a sensation of lost gaze between meditation and visual attraction.

The acceptance of our inner demons strengthens us internally. In life we ​​will experience innumerable times our duality as it is part of who we are, those shades that force us to constant change comes from within us as acceptance of our faults, fears, wars and sorrows, when this happens, our demons become white and become our allies, our lovers. A fundamental part of human growth.


We are touched and played in a warm way, in a way in which our earthly fragility generates a greater value to existence itself. The fabric print of this collection contains details such as gradient in color, burn textures, golden hues and prints of flowers all elaborated in a natural way except for the gradient where the technique of sublimation was used. You melt in gold along with your fears.

ue es parte de lo que somos, esos matizes que nos obligan al cambio constante viene de nuestro

Photo by:Damian Serrano
Styling: E.Salim
Model: Belen Castellanos
All rights reserved E. Salim copyright.