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F a s h i o n     d e s i g n

Capsule collection inspired in the inner demons and the anxiety war survivals.

Made to be focus on editorial aesthetics, it represents a full history of the designer and the artists.

Si nos dejan...

Aesthetic integration of footwear for diabetics, inspired by the most nostalgic bolero of the 70's plus a technological adaptation as a preventive measure.


Si nos dejan come to the market to change paradigms of footwear for diabetics.

La Sorcière

  Inspired by witchcraft with dark and opulent nuances that seduce the viewer in a mysterious, sensual and extroverted way.

LaSorcière is the first collection of the Recycled hybrids project that serves as the main philosophy of the designer.


The aesthetic interpretation between the macabre and the grotesque, which takes beauty beyond visual perception.

Finalist piece in the Modarte footwear competition, from the Jalisco Cámara de calzado.

Photo by: Beethy Photography
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